Music Unite The World was created by the CEO of Shakita Cherice Romane Hall on the 25th Feburary 2017. I started music unite the world cause I love music and for the upcoming artists all over the world and within two years I have gained loads of artists from different countries for example Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Dubi, Jamaica, Guyana etc me and my team is planning something big things for music unite the world I put all my heart and soul into my business I help artists like Arch Angel, Moz Dreay, Princeak2, Toga Vee, Moon Light, Tipy, Tazzi Banks, Kurt Lee, Cavi Stunna, cAel (Character), AC, B-babs, bao d king, Jah Jah Yute Di Fiyah Yute, Twiboy, Rock Venus, Rifle Gh, Jah Throne and loads more.

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